Customer service and web chat

Ok, so a client has initiated contact with your business through a chat app, say facebook messenger, what is it you should first do? This is where your customer service rules should shine brightly.


Introduce yourself, engage interest with your client – remember they are wanting something your are offering. Get to know your client. Use smiling language through your words.

    Tell your client clearly what they asking to hear, don't use technical terms, use language that your client can clearly understand.


    Ensure you are providing them with the most current knowledge available on your product or service, ensure your staff are trained and able to provide the most up to date products/service you offer. This will ensure you gain trust and represent professionalism in your business.


    Take responsibility, if you tell your client that you will do something you MUST follow through. Make sure your staff understand this rule. If there is a problem and you have offered a solutions ensure that this action is done and resolved swiftly. This could save a customer and ensure they return.


    Always address clients with respect. Put yourself in their shoes. Treat them how you would like to be treated as a customer. Even if you don't agree with them, ensure you address them respectfully.


    Remembering these 5 rules could ensure returning clients and customers.


    Cleo –