5 simple ways to add credibility to your website

  1. Create a thoughtful informative website that will keep your customers viewing and scrolling at the products/information your business has to offer. Make it easy for them to scroll and find interesting products/page that makes your business stand apart form your competitors.

  2. Add unique individualised content to your business website. Content is important in algorithms, it can increase your websites rankings in organic search results. Create content information that has keywords although do not keyword stuff your content. Provide information your client can enjoy reading, be informative and helpful, offer solutions on ways to help their problems

  3. Offer something that your client can be intrigued about, want to sign up for, a solution, a free e book, free shipping. Clients will love that you are offering something for free that may help them. This way they can take a look or purchase with minimum risks.

  4. Make sure your website is designed with fully functioning features. Clients find a lot of irritation in a non functioning website and they will not stay on your website for long.

  5. Add your customer reviews to your site, clients want information in real time and real reviews. Help them with this information make sure your social media is top notch provide quality products and customer service that they can review and you can use it to your advantage to increase your business ranking in search engines.

    Go ahead and try it! I hope you find this helpful.

    Cleo – cleoandtony.com