Focusing on a local SEO strategy helps your business website stand out in the search engines when people are actually looking for your type of business in real time.

Using a variety of Googles tools you can use your businesses name, address and phone number to stand out in local business map listings. You are targeting the local based traffic in your marketing. These are customers that are actually searching for your business.

Your local business listing must be up to date with your current business information. Incorrect data in theses listings can create a bad customer experience for your business. When keywords are queried in search engines your business listing will appear alongside of your competition. There are a lot of websites where you can create a local business listing – Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow pages.

Citations are used to assist in ranking your website plus local map listings to ensure your business exists and is legitimate.

A strategy to target your local customers is to include the name of your city you are wanting to target. Focus on a keyword and place it as close to the tag as you can.

According to Google 4 out of 5 clients use search engines to search for local business.

So again make sure your local listings page has the correct information on your business, this will increase your reputation. Make sure you use the Google my business, Bing my business and claim your listing – there are many businesses that have not claimed there listing. This is incredible exposure for your site and if your SEO strategy is optimised you will show in Googles top 3 positions.


Take a search for your business online and see what you find.


Cleo – cleoandtony.com





You can ask for sites to to link to yours but you must give them reason to.

The strategy of simply asking may not get their attention, they may get thousands of requests everyday, especially for a high quality website.

If you create a unique and engaging website it is exactly how search engines want you to create your site by increasing your authority and ranking and they will increase your presence in them.




1..The content that you publish should ideally be engaging and of extremely good quality and must be equal if not better than that of your business competition.

For existing sites just being able to publish excellent content may be enough for increased rankings but alas for new websites an greater amount of work is required, you must actively promote your website, let customers know that your business exists – blog – social media – forums – emails.

2..Approach businesses that you are already trade partners with, there is already a trust established.

Although this is a great approach to links only allow approximately 10% of your back links to be with websites that may not have a relevance to your website.

3..Reciprocate links, they can send traffic to the website. Please remember only reciprocate quality websites no spam content websites.

4..Offer writing guest articles on quality content websites. They will be provided with excellent quality content and you will get a quality back-links to your site. Think newspapers, journals, magazines.

5..Remember your website will need anywhere between 30 – 250 back-links to rank highly for your selected keywords. Some links you can focus on are social media and absolutely reputable business listing profiles.


So go create content and build a high website reputation and authority to gain the best back-links you can.


Cleo – cleoandtony.com



Many research hours later, scrolling numerous social media posts, I have found there are definitely social media posts that get attention and responses, which is definitely what you are wanting to achieve when you post.


To make it easier for you to grow your business and increase your brand awareness, I have collected the best social media posts and created a template to guide you through the social media realm.


  1. WANT TO GET (something desirable)?

  2. #REASON WHY YOUR (something a lot of your customers/clients have) SUCKS, AND HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT

  3. THE SECRET TO (something exciting)AND HOW TO (give some funny unexpected advice).

  4. TURNS OUT (something people want) IS ACTUALLY (something nobody wants).

  5. (an influencer explaining a quote and how to do/get it).



The above guides can give you an idea of the type of interactive media posts that most people will respond to by like or comment. Add to that a picture of something incredulously funny and you could have to secret to your post going viral.

GO and get creative.


Cleo – cleoandtony.com

Customer service and web chat

Ok, so a client has initiated contact with your business through a chat app, say facebook messenger, what is it you should first do? This is where your customer service rules should shine brightly.


Introduce yourself, engage interest with your client – remember they are wanting something your are offering. Get to know your client. Use smiling language through your words.

    Tell your client clearly what they asking to hear, don't use technical terms, use language that your client can clearly understand.


    Ensure you are providing them with the most current knowledge available on your product or service, ensure your staff are trained and able to provide the most up to date products/service you offer. This will ensure you gain trust and represent professionalism in your business.


    Take responsibility, if you tell your client that you will do something you MUST follow through. Make sure your staff understand this rule. If there is a problem and you have offered a solutions ensure that this action is done and resolved swiftly. This could save a customer and ensure they return.


    Always address clients with respect. Put yourself in their shoes. Treat them how you would like to be treated as a customer. Even if you don't agree with them, ensure you address them respectfully.


    Remembering these 5 rules could ensure returning clients and customers.


    Cleo – cleoandtony.com

    5 simple ways to add credibility to your website

    1. Create a thoughtful informative website that will keep your customers viewing and scrolling at the products/information your business has to offer. Make it easy for them to scroll and find interesting products/page that makes your business stand apart form your competitors.

    2. Add unique individualised content to your business website. Content is important in algorithms, it can increase your websites rankings in organic search results. Create content information that has keywords although do not keyword stuff your content. Provide information your client can enjoy reading, be informative and helpful, offer solutions on ways to help their problems

    3. Offer something that your client can be intrigued about, want to sign up for, a solution, a free e book, free shipping. Clients will love that you are offering something for free that may help them. This way they can take a look or purchase with minimum risks.

    4. Make sure your website is designed with fully functioning features. Clients find a lot of irritation in a non functioning website and they will not stay on your website for long.

    5. Add your customer reviews to your site, clients want information in real time and real reviews. Help them with this information make sure your social media is top notch provide quality products and customer service that they can review and you can use it to your advantage to increase your business ranking in search engines.

      Go ahead and try it! I hope you find this helpful.

      Cleo – cleoandtony.com