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Without keywords customers wont reach your business. Keywords are the words that you type into the search bar. Many business owners find their website by typing into the search bar their own business name, so their website always shows up for them, but for the customer that doesn't know that their business exists this means that only your competitors may arrive on the first page of search results. If they are searching for items / businesses that have higher ranking in the search engines will appear for them and you may miss out on customer sales.

Researching for the correct keywords that customers are searching for in relation to your business could be based on what words you may type in to search for your product/service. These keywords can have a local | national or international focus.

Getting these keywords correct can be imperative to increasing your business growth and increasing your competition in the online search engine marketplace.



 Social Media and your business


Social Media a few years ago you may have thought that it would a fad that would quickly disappear but alas it is now a growing force, a world wide force that connects alot of people together within seconds. The presence of your business in this realm can be enormous. Social media users are craving real life and real time experiences from end users/customers. Ensuring your customer service and products are top notch will be valuable to the word of mouth growth of your business. The creation of Influencers and the rise and rise of SNAP means that the social media field and the interactive nature of your business could lead to a growth in business that you may not of dreamed of.



Web Design


Web design is an integral part of your online presence. How usable your website is and how long customers stay on your pages all build your websites "trustworthiness" in search engine rankings. The algorithms that are used to provide results often penalise websites that don't keep potential customers on their sites with lower rankings, they are interpreted as being unusable and giving a poor user experience. So ensure that this a crucial feature you don't underplay when planning your website. Make sure you have a fully functioning, informative and usable website to keep your customers on your site and organically rank well in search engines.